Wallaby EV

"a quirky EVolution" solving modern transportation challenges worldwide


Welcome to Wallaby EV - a quirky EVolution - designed from a clean sheet of paper to be the best Neighborhood Electric Vehicle platform past, present, and future. Using all composite materials, ecological priorities that align with supply chain sustainability, 30 years of high-performance automotive engineering study, 30 years of passionately drawing cars and trucks and whatever else comes into the imagination, slowing the US Veteran self-harm plague, helping handicapped folks like me enjoy the outdoors, putting people to work in the USA with pride and great pay, and having FUN at the end of the day, I simply can not fail. Getting the chance to help Veterans and my people, the Handicapped, with the best-in-class technology first so they can give feedback and customize to fit their needs and share with community spirit in moderated and supported channels - why am I the only person who put this all together? Oh, that's right - I'm a one of a kind "weirdo" and post-pandemic, this world has finally gotten so crazy I can navigate it easily after 10 years in corporate sales support as a Proposal Specialist.